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A circulating pump moves the heated water through underground pipes to the

It can be hooked up to:

  • Hot water baseboards

  • Hot water radiators

  • Domestic hot water heater

  • Pools & spas

The mess and fire stays outside. No smoke, soot, ashes, bugs, or wood chips in
your home.


Aqua-Therm outdoor wood burners have been designed as a Closed System. It’s
filled, then sealed. There’s no need to keep adding water. The Aqua-Therm will
operate at the same working pressure and temperature as any residential boiler
(normally 12-15 psi at 160-180 degrees F).

The advantages of a CLOSED SYSTEM are many:

  • Keeps the air, which causes oxidation, out of the system. This eliminates
    problems with rust in the water jacket and other cast iron components
    (pumps, mixing valves, air scoops, etc.). No expensive water treatment
    additives are needed.

  • The Aqua-Therm can be hooked directly into other hot water heating
    systems. Expensive water-to-water heat exchangers are not needed. Aqua-
    Therm outdoor wood burners are a perfect match for an Aqua-Therm
    Nordic boiler or Aqua-Therm radiant system.

  • No problems with mineral build-up.


  • Aqua-Therm outdoor wood burners use less water than other competitive
    brands. Less water makes our wood burners more efficient. Ask any
    plumbing or heating professional; residential high efficiency boilers use less
    than 5 gallons of water.

  • The Aqua-Therm will maintain the water at a constant temperature (normal
    operating range 160 – 180 degrees F). Heat is supplied from the boiler
    when a wall thermostat in your building senses the need.

  • By using fewer gallons, it is affordable to use anti-freeze to protect your
    wood burner and underground pipes. This can be especially important if a
    power failure should occur.

  • Less water means faster heat recovery…quicker response to your heating


  • Put wood in.

  • Set the desired boiler temperature (usually 160 - 180 degrees F ).

  • Set the house thermostat to the desired room temperature.

  • Sit back and enjoy the heat!

The LARGE FIREBOX & DOOR makes the Aqua-Therm easier to load fuel.
The Aqua-Therm is designed to burn seasoned split cord wood.

Cleaning your Aqua-Therm is easy. To take ashes out, open the ash door. Insert
the crank and turn. The handy auger will pull the ashes from the entire length of the
firebox. No need to let the fire go down to remove ashes.


A forced air draft is used to bring combustion air into the fire. In the Aqua-Therm,
the air comes in underneath the grates for a more complete, uniform burn. The
forced draft is superior to a natural draft because:

  • Chimney height doesn’t affect the burn.

  • Faster heat recovery.

  • Doesn't’t smoulder. It either burns hot or shuts down.

  • Hotter fire will burn almost any material – even green wood.


For added life, the Aqua-Therm uses an all stainless steel firebox. The use of 409
stainless steel (titanium enhanced) is the perfect material. This high quality material
is strong and corrosion resistant.

All Aqua-Therm outdoor wood burners have a round firebox and oval door. This
design eliminates corner stress points, preventing cracking. The round firebox also
provides for better air flow and a cleaner burn, while maintaining a more efficient
heating surface for heating system water.

The models 275 and 345 have a 3/16” stainless steel firebox, and the model 145
has a 1/8” stainless steel firebox. The outer jacket on all models is 10 gauge steel.

Always check local and State laws and regulations before installing any outdoor
wood fired appliance.
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